1. Thematic focus of the manuscript:

The author is responsible for complying with the thematic focus of his/her paper.


Language, Communication, Culture (LCC)

The section deals particularly with:

  • Linguistic phenomena from both synchronic and diachronic perspective,
  • Comparative linguistics,
  • Theory of communication and intercultural communication,

  • History and culture of language areas.


Didactis and Methodology of Language Education (DML)

The section deals particularly with:

    • Language didactics,
    • Methodology of language education,
    • Teaching styles and strategies in language education,
    • Testology within the framework of CEFR for languages.


Translatology (TRA)

The section deals particularly with:

  • Theory and practice of translation and interpretation,
  • Translation and interpretation of general and literary texts from and into Slovak language,

  • Translation and interpretation of texts for specific purposes from and into Slovak language.


News (NWS)

The section deals with:

  • News about scientific events and other supporting scientific and research activities of the Faculty of Applied Languages and the University of Economics in Bratislava


Reviews (RWS)

The section deals with:

  • Reviews of scientific treatises, scholarly papers, project publications and monographs written at the faculty or other universities in Slovakia or abroad.


2. The Length of the Paper

Scientific Paper (Study) (8 to 10 pages) – scientific genre

A broad, systematic and detailed explanation of one, usually narrowly-specified topic. Importance is placed on complete and multilateral elaboration. The author explores, critically reviews, and synthetises all the existing information on the subject. He/she provides new and original findings, resulting from the author’s own research and presents conclusions.


Scholarly Paper (4 to 5 pages) – popular science genre

Detailed and well-arranged explanation of a chosen topic in a wider context. The author defines, analyses, compares and applies concepts within the chosen context.


Review (1,5 to 3 pages) – closely related to an expert assessment

It is an evaluation of a completed and published work, a text connecting an unknown manuscript with a potentially interested reader. The reader of the review looks for the content of the work and for an expert’s opinion.

  • 1st part of the review – a brief information about the whole manuscript (informative),
  • 2nd part of the review – a factual and objective opinion about the reviewed text,
  • 3rd part of the review – evaluation.


Report (1 to 3 pages) – detailed information about scientific events and supporting scientific and research activities

The aims, goals, results and benefits of the event or activity for science and research should be mentioned.