The journal Lingua et vita is published twice a year, in June and December.

  • Papers to the journal are submitted by April 30th or October 30th.
  • Papers sent after the deadline will be automatically included in the following issue.
  • The paper must follow the form of the template.
  • The title of the paper must appear in the language of the paper and also in English if it is written in a different language than English.
  • The paper must contain an abstract in English and in the language of the paper. If the paper is written in English, an English abstract is sufficient.
  • A license agreement scan and a Declaration of Authorship must be sent together with the paper. Both documents must be signed.
  • Review the focus of the journal and its sections, so that we can clearly include your paper in one of its sections.
  • The paper must have at least eight pages of text.
  • The reviewer and the editorial board of the journal decide on the publication of the paper in the journal.
  • At the end of the paper, include your contact: Degree, First Name, Surname, Scientific Degree, name of your university, faculty, department, street, number, postal code, city, state, e-mail.
  • If your paper has been rejected, the editorial board will inform you.
  • The journal doesn´t charge fees for publishing an article.
  • All published contributions are freely available without access restrictions.
  • All archived articles are freely available without restrictions.
  • The journal is not based on a commercial basis.
  • Email address for sending papers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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